Task Taming For Busy Brains - ($97)

Learn exactly how to get things done, even if it feels frustrating, boring or overwhelming in three easy steps. Take back control of your business (instead of it controlling you!)

Things I Cover

  • How to figure out all there is to know about tasks, and projects, and how to prioritise them in a way that suits your brain! 
  • How to get frustrating boring, or draining tasks done and dusted so it doesn't feel so overwhelming
  • How to manage tasks when the project hits roadbumps, or things have to be redone multiple times  and motivation is waining!
  • How to treat rest time and play time as tasks so they get prioritised too 
  • How to deal with overwhelm if it does kick in and what to do next 
  • How to manage rabbit holes that sometime distract your attention away from what you're "meant" to be doing! 
  • How to actually work less hours and still get stuff done!
  • Neurodiverse friendly tips for those who work that little bit different! (I specifically touch on ADHD, Autism and Depression/Anxiety).

All lessons are short, and under 5 minutes, it's a mixture of video and text (especially for the new lessons!)

Who It's For:

  • Someone who's tried all the tips, tricks and hacks and they've just NOT worked for them no matter how much you "tried".
  • If you're feeling stuck in a rut, and are just looking for a better way to gain focus, and just reduce that darned overwhelm that never goes away!
  • Looking to figure out how to overcome (or work around) procrastination, shiny object syndrome in a way that doesn't require you to give up your creativity and things you enjoy doing.
  • You are looking for neurodiverse friendly productivity advice, by someone who ISN'T a "hyper productive dude bro" who basically assumes you can do it all. 😁 

Who it's Not For: 

  • If you're already "feeling productive" and are just looking for additional tips, tricks and hacks... I'm probably not good for you!
  • If you're looking for a highly complex detailed systems where I take you step by step through a specific tech tool.
  • If you're wanting to just be "told what to do" and aren't interested in trying something a tiny bit different! (even if it scares you a little bit 😁)

7 Modules


Why capture tasks? Our brains are like hard drives and can store a ton of information, so capturing is as simple as "having a task".

This module goes through the process.

Q&A & Next Steps!

So what's next? In this section I'm answering a couple of common questions! As well as next steps in your task taming journey! 😁

Original Recording

Wanna see the full unedited live recording? This is the place for you! (It also contains the slides which is fancy!)

Modules for this product 7
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