Create a Resource Management Hub in 5 Days (or less)

You don’t need a complex system. You just need something that works.

Join me and create a system to get you up and running fast!

Spend 5 minutes in the “productivity” space online and you’ll see people using these beautiful, complex systems. They can help you keep track of all the things, make your business so simple to run, save you all the time, etc, etc, etc …

And fair enough. I love a good, complex system. I’ve created many for my clients, and have a great one for myself.

But you don’t need that.


When you’re just starting out, you don’t need the full, bells and whistles system that does things you don’t even understand.

You just need something that works. Enter: the Starter System.

Starter systems are quick, simple, targeted solutions that take care of one problem. They don’t have a learning curve, and they don’t rely on any particular app or specialist tools. In fact, the things you'll learn in this workshop will make it possible for you to create something that can be picked up... and plopped into any tool because instead of starting with the tech (which let's be honest, unless your a tech nerd like me... you don't enjoy 😉) we're starting with the most unique part... YOU!

(And, when you’re very, very clever in building them, you can actually set them up to combine and do all the work of a big, complex system, without the hassle. Spoiler: I am very, very clever in building them. And I’ll be teaching you how to be, too!)

You know all that great stuff you sign up for and never use? The bundles you buy and then lose on your hard drive? Well, what if you could actually know where everything is and have it easily to hand, so you can actually use it?

That's my plan with this course! Come with whatever app you like. (A Google doc works just fine! So does Trello, Notion, Google Sheet and moree.)

Walk away with a resource manager/tracker that works exactly how you need it to work. Never spend ages hunting through your downloads folder again 🙂

5 Modules

1. Creating Context

Over the last 10 years of entrepeneuership from teaching guitar, to building systems one thing is constant.

Everyone is different

We all have many different things going on in the environment around us.

Starter Systems are context specific. That context... is YOU.

In this first module, we create the context of your Resource Manager.

2. Refining The What

You've got clear on the context, the world that your starter systems revolves around. Now it's time to start thinking about the WHAT.

What are you actually creating here, what does it need to do for you to achieve what you want.

In this module we clarify and refine how you see your system how you interact, respond and develop it as you go along.

4. Recyclable Content Manager System

There's a lot of flexibility in the tools we use today. This module gives you a live example of how to use this process, the small changes you can make that makes a big change.

Note: This is a tech specific demo. If you don't use Notion skip to this lesson. (If you're intrigued at how Notion can work! Enjoy a live demo.

5. So what’s next…

You've got the first version of your resource manager. Now it's time to start using it! As you keep moving and as you begin to trust yourself, and your systems more. You will build something that will just work for you!

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