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What should I use for…

It’s the eternal question for entrepreneurs. We’re constantly finding ourselves needing solutions to problems, and those tend to come in the form of apps, programs, and platforms.

But of course ... how do you find the right app? What program should you use? Is that platform going to do what you want it to do?

If you’re lucky, you might have a techy friend you could ask. But for most people, needing new tech means taking a ride down the rabbit hole of Facebook group recommendations.

And that’s just no fun for anyone. (Not to mention generally absolutely useless.)

This whole situation drives me crazy — not only because it’s just so damn inefficient, but because it means that people generally get stuck with whatever tech is popular at the time, whether it’s a fit for them or not.

So this is me, fixing that issue.

Because the truth is, it’s not that hard to figure out what tech you need. You just need a simple heuristic to guide you through the process.

No trawling Facebook groups.

No wasting hours and hours reading reviews or comparing features lists.

No ending up with tech and tools that are more trouble than they’re worth.

Just getting the right tool for the job, every. single. time.

“But Jonathan, how does it work???”

Because I’ve designed to run you through a series of questions you should always have in your head when choosing tech. It’s what I do whenever clients ask me for tech and tools recommendations, so in getting this, you’re basically getting a copy of the “algorithm” my brain uses to make context-sensitive and hyper-specific recommendations.

It’s quick. It works. And it’ll solve your most annoying, naggging problems you face as an entrepreneur so you can free up your time and brain to do things you actually care about.

7 Modules + Community

Tech Talk (Micro Community for Tech Tools without the Tears)

What's the Point

There are hundreds of apps and solutions and getting the answers from the internet can sometimes help. If you're short on time and you just want to get better answers faster start here. We'll go through the basics and generate a cool post that can get you better answers.

BONUS: All Things Productivity

Productivity, Note Taking Task Management... How do you decide. This module will ask you the questions you need to find the right solution for you!


Customer Relationship Managers is one of those tools that are amazing for those who speak to a lot of people, but for some... it might not be needed! :)

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